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How far will you go?

By December 12, 2018Blog Posts

Jamie Otte and many of our team members travel across a very expansive territory to support our customers and they encounter many interesting things along their travels. Read Jamie’s excerpt below to learn just how dedicated ISC is to providing personalized support to our customers.

“At Information Systems Corporation, we have a large service area that takes us to some interesting places.  Sometimes these places are far, far away.

The graduating class of the North Dakota town pictured below, Kenmare, ND, places white stones on the hills signifying their graduation year. Although it is hard to see in that picture, the stones were placed the same year Information Systems Corporation was founded, 1988.  If you know anything about this North Dakotan town, you get an idea of just how far we go to take care of our customers.

This trip I drove nearly 1200 miles in 3 days. I went from Fargo ND, to Minot ND, Kenmare ND (pictured), Bowbells ND, Plentywood MT, Sidney MT, Dickinson ND, and finally home. I do this because ISC takes care of their customers no matter the effort or cost ensued. John Dockter and I travel thousands of miles each year to ensure that the products/hardware we service are working properly and that our customers’ needs are fully taken care of.

In the day and age where webinars, computer to computer, non-social interactions are all too common, we still walk in the door.

-Jamie Otte”