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    Opentext Intelligent Capture

    Opentext Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva) enables organizations to capture and instantly automate data while delivering its digital form into your content management repositories like Documentum, AppEnhancer or Microsoft SharePoint. In addition to accelerating business processes, Opentext Intelligent Capture improves data accuracy and reduces processing errors.


    AppEnhancer (formerly ApplicationXtender) is a content management solution that reduces costs and risks of paper while streamlining the capture and management of documents. AppEnhancer is easy to implement, integrate and manage, while providing access to secure, role-based content from either a desktop interface, web browser or remote device.  As a result, you gain better decision-making, improved service levels and increased productivity.  Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows/.NET optimixzed system, AppEnhancer integrates document imaging, reports management, workflow and document management services.

    Xplore Full Text Search

    AppEnhancer Xplore full text search allows complete full text search capability throughout your content. Users can navigate through their content repository with ease and efficiency.  User can combine keyword and full-text searches to return results with precision and speed.  Full text searches can be performed on a variety of document formats, including COLD/ERM documents, text renditions of image documents (using OCR technology), HTML and XML, as well as many third-party application documents such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF.

    Metasource MetaStor Cloud Solutions

    MetaStor is a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management system that gives you quick and secure access to your content. With MetaStor you can retrieve, route and manage content with a rapid and cost-effective deployment. MetaStor is easy-to use and offers extreme flexibility across standard browsers or mobile devices and custom reporting dashboards to better manage workloads.

    Rapidly Deployed: No installation required, system is ready to use
    Easy to Use: Interface is clean and intuitive, users require little training, and deploy the solution & go
    Simple Subscription Model: Unlimited users and invoiced for actual storage usage
    Disaster Recovery: Continuity plans implemented, server & location redundancy, and real time replication
    Secure User Privileges: Controlled by multiple levels of security and includes document level security
    Mobile Ready: Includes MetaMobil™ for iOS and Android

    ECM Toolbox Workflow

    CASO’s workflow automation solution gives the end-user a simple, modern interface. Many workflow solutions require back-end building and customization, but this workflow solution gives full control to users to build and customize their own workflow processes. CASO’s ECM Toolbox Workflow application is one of the most user-friendly workflow solutions on the market and can be quickly deployed to automate nearly any business process.

    ECM Toolbox’s Workflow is a completely web-based processing solution that:

    • Automates verifications and approvals by activity owners
    • Offers advanced document management functionality
    • Transforms paper-based approvals into electronic approvals
    • Integrates seamlessly with your current software
    • Allows you to Create and Manage Your own Workflows – IT Department Free

    Canon Hardware

    CANON is known throughout the world for providing the latest in digital technology and innovation.  We offer the entire CANON line of DR and CR Document Scanners.  CANON scanners are continually rated as “BEST BUYS” and offer the best image quality in the industry.

    These powerful scanners are compact, dependable and offer duplex scanning speeds of up to 150 pages per minute.  We offer award winning on-site support on all CANON Document Scanners.

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    Assureon Storage Solutions

    The Assureon from NEXSAN offers comprehensive protection of your information better than any other archive solution on the market today.  Assureon products enable organizations to meet regulatory demands while ensuring valuable data does not become corrupted or deleted.

    By installation Assureon you and your organization will have complete peace of mind that the integrity of your data is secure.

    We have successfully installed Assureon secure archive solutions in county government, city government, law enforcement, public utilities, video surveillance and medical archiving.

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    We proudly offer the ST Imaging ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner.  This revolutionary film scanner will digitize your microfilm collection utilizing an industry leading 14 megapixel color image sensor.  This desktop film scanner offers a universal motorized film carrier along with a zoom lens to assist patron viewing and printing from film collections.  The ST Imaging View Scan III is the third generation of ViewScan film scanners and offers the most value of any current film scanner on the market today.

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    KIP Wide Format Scan & Print Solutions

    KIP offers the most comprehensive line of wide format printers and color scanners on the market today.   KIP is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced mono and COLOR print technology in the wide format industry.  Our printers are dry toner based printers utilizing KIP’s Color Imaging Technology to provide superior image quality, increased productivity and the absoluter lowest cost of operation in the wide format industry.

    Our new 800 Color Series is the industry leader in wide format color printing today.

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    We look forward to helping you choose the solution that will best fit your company’s needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members.