Team Member Spotlight: Derek Dahlsad

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Join us in celebrating Derek Dahlsad’s anniversary at Information Systems Corporation. Derek is our Director of Support and Development and has been a team member for thirteen years as of April sixth. He also technically worked part-time for six months prior, so he has been part of the ISC family for nearly fourteen years! We are so lucky to consistently be celebrating such big milestones with our team.

Derek leads ISC’s support department, which is an indispensable business unit here at ISC as they work hard to ensure our client’s solutions are up and running at peak efficiency 24/7. Derek also leads our development team and even takes on many projects himself. Our development team has become such an integral part of project discovery and implementation since most solutions we implement involve some level of custom development work. Derek works diligently to ensure that all projects remain on target and that all team member’s questions and concerns are addressed. Derek is a calming presence and leads the team with organization, impartiality and expertise.

One fun fact about Derek is that he just adopted a new dog! Her name is Maggie and she is an Anatolian Shepherd. She was born and lived most of her life in Texas, and while she was a bit shy at first, she is adapting to her new life extremely well. Derek, ISC is so fortunate to have your expertise and leadership. Thank you for your dedication and hard work over these past thirteen (almost fourteen) years. Happy Anniversary!!!

The benefits of ECM in a data driven world.

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Applying an Enterprise Content Management solution can be a daunting task for businesses that are already paperless let alone companies that are dealing with mounds of physical documents floating internally from decision maker to decision maker. Good news is, there is hope and ISC can help. Here are some important reasons why implementing an ECM strategy at your company or institution should be at the top of your 2020 agenda and taken seriously when allocating your IT budget.


  • Minimize key strokes and data entry
  • Improve data accessibility
  • Reduce Human Error

Business process automation and AI are being successfully deployed across all industries to reduce costs and streamline processes. This is especially relevant for managing “information chaos” in a world where data is a company’s most powerful asset. Intelligent Capture will automatically extract data from your documents, reducing human error, and increasing ease of retrieval and the ability to harness your company’s precious data for analytics and insights.


Manually moving documents to the right decision maker is one of the most time consuming and laborious tasks in most business processes; therefore, automating document routing with workflow can be extremely beneficial to your business or institution. It will save your team time, substantially reduce costs and increase process transparency and consistency.


  • Allow end users to access business critical documents 24/7.
  • Grant multiple users access to the same document.
  • Increase information transparency. When a change is made or a step is approved, it will be globally viewable.

It is undeniable that transparency is key to maximizing internal efficiencies. Allowing managers and end-users to pinpoint exactly where each document is in its life-cycle and also track the average workflow cycle time can have gravitas impact on overall productivity.


Streamline business processes by allowing internal systems to communicate and transmit data back and forth. This allows for quick access to the data you need in real time.


  • Monitor task completion times and overall productivity.
  • Identify process bottlenecks.
  • Display your businesses processes in a meaningful way to internal decision makers.

Gaining the ability to measure your team’s productivity and better understand internal metrics is one of the most attractive benefits to decision makers for implementing an ECM solution. These metrics will help your team identify process bottlenecks and formulate methods to alleviate them. These actions will not only increase productivity and reduce expenses, but also can create a morale-boosting environment that incentivizes end users to reach goals set forth by management instead of plowing through a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete.


This benefit seems obvious, but is still one of the most common reasons that companies initially turn to ISC for their ECM implementation. Many companies and institutions are not currently meeting regulatory compliance for their industry, which can put them at legal risk. Relax knowing your valuable content is securely stored and meeting compliance and record requirements.



Team Member Spotlight: John Dockter

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During this challenging time for our community and nation, we want to pause for a moment to spread some joy and celebrate John Dockter’s anniversary at Information Systems Corporation. John is our Director of Hardware Support and has been a team member for THIRTY YEARS!

John oversees all hardware sales and support at ISC. He is unbelievably appreciated by team members and customers alike for his work ethic, industry passion and willingness to contribute and lend a helping hand. He has seen the industry and our business change substantially over his tenure and continuously is adapting to change and learning about the latest hardware advancements in order to better serve his customers. He has been learning about KIP’s new product line recently and executed an exciting hardware sale and installation at a local engineering firm. The KIP 970 is a powerhouse wide format printer with advanced color printing, high demand output, precise imaging, and expressive color fidelity.

One fun fact about John is that he coaches fishing at a local high school and enjoys many outdoor recreational activities throughout the year. When asking one of our founders and CEO what message he wanted to share with John on his Anniversary, he said, “Thank you for the many years of dedication. I appreciate you and know that ISC would not be the same without your support! And go fishing when all of this is over!” Cheers to you, John!!! We hope that you are able to enjoy many fishing trips this summer. Thank you for all you do to support the ISC team.

Team Member Spotlight: Kristin Young

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Another exciting anniversary just happened here at Information Systems Corporation. Kristin Young has officially been a team member for three years!

Kristin joined the ISC team in February of 2017 as a conversion specialist. She has become one of our most skilled conversion experts, handling all customer records with sensitivity, care and precision. Since 2017, Kristin has also engaged in many special projects, which recently included playing a crucial role in an internal software implementation and taking the lead in managing our social media streams.

We are so appreciative of Kristin’s positive energy and the hard work and dedication she demonstrates when working on client projects and internal initiatives alike. One fun fact about Kristin is that she got engaged this past year and is planning a 2020 wedding. Congratulations, Kristin, and thank you for all your hard work these past three years! We are so lucky to call you a team member and friend.

Team Member Spotlight: Stacy Ludwig

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We celebrated our final anniversary of 2019 last week. Stacy Ludwig, our Conversion Center Supervisor, has been a team member for sixteen years! Stacy manages all of ISC’s conversion center projects with great detail, ensuring that all valuable client content is handled with precision and care. Throughout her career, Stacy has also spent a fair amount of time on-site with clients, working alongside them as they navigate their digital transformation.

She is loved by clients and colleagues alike, and embodies professionalism and positivity. Stacy and her team also played a huge part in an internal software implementation at ISC this past year. We couldn’t have executed the implementation without their hard work and dedication.

One fun fact about Stacy is that she was born on April Fools’ Day and was a true shock to all as the doctor predicted her to be a baby boy. What an April Fools’ surprise! Stacy, we cannot thank you enough for your many years of dedication and hard work.  Happy Anniversary!

Team Member Spotlight: Amy Lindemann

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We have another exciting ‘workiversary’ to celebrate here at Information Systems Corporation! Amy Lindemann, our Director of Accounting and Human Resources, has been with ISC for twenty-one years as of December 14th. We are so lucky to have her insight and operational acumen overseeing all accounting and human resource initiatives, and ensuring all day-to-day operations are running smoothly.

This year has been an exceptionally busy year for Amy as she has taken the lead on coordinating efforts for an internal software implementation. We are so appreciative of all her hard work this past year and her long-term commitment to ISC the past two decades. One fun fact about Amy is that her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and she is actually thirty percent Irish. That being said, she obviously loves all things with St. Patrick’s Day themed, so don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day this March, if you are working alongside her.

Happy Anniversary, Amy, and thank you for all you do!

Team Member Spotlight: Marco Weil

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Last week Information Systems Corporation celebrated the Anniversary of one of our Support Analysts, Marco Weil. Marco has been with ISC for four years and has grown an unbelievable amount during his time here.

Marco has not only mastered product suites, but has become one of our most proficient product trainers who patiently helps end users become familiarized with new product versions and updates. He also has taken a substantial amount of ownership on one of our largest projects in 2019 at one of our public sector clients. This project was successfully deployed this past summer with astounding user acceptance and this is largely thanks to Marco’s hard work.

One fun fact about Marco is that he is our “resident horticulturalist” at ISC HQ and is slowly turning the software support department into a jungle. Team members love to stroll by Marco’s desk to see how his family of plants are growing.

Thank you for four years of hard work and dedication, Marco. Happy Anniversary!


Team Member Spotlight: Shawn Anderson

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Today we are celebrating the work anniversary of Shawn Anderson. Nearly two decades ago, nineteen years to be exact, Shawn joined the Information Systems Corporation team as a scanner technician. We had just made it through Y2K and our industry looked very different than it does today.

Over the years, Shawn has monumentally grown his technical skill-set. He is now a Solution Analyst and Developer, a master with our Opentext ApplicationXtender suite of products and an integral part of the ISC support team. He also leads our System Integration line of business, which has shown substantial growth in the past few years, and is a key asset in many of our most complex projects.

One fun fact about Shawn is that he is currently enjoying a well-deserved vacation with his family in Yellowstone National Park this week and will not see this post until next week. Cheers to you, Shawn! Thank you for your many years of dedication to our team and for going the extra mile daily to ensure our clients are being taken care of in every possible way. We appreciate you. Happy Anniversary!

Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Otte

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Happy Anniversary to Jamie Otte!

Jamie is one of our Hardware Support Analysts and has been with Information Systems Corporation for three years as of today.

Jamie was hired in 2016 to help our hardware support team better serve our customers on-site across our expansive mid-west territory. He immediately proved to be an invaluable asset to the ISC team not only from a technical perspective, but also due to his passion for customer service and innate ability to connect with and engage each individual that he encounters. This skill is evident when observing his interactions with colleagues and customers alike.

One fun fact about Jamie is that he loves to golf and takes an annual trip to Florida to enjoy some dedicated time on the links. Jamie, thank you for the knowledge, positive energy and passion that you bring to the table each and every day. Happy Anniversary!

Why Accounts Payable is the perfect introduction into the “World of Automation”

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Nearly every department can benefit from automating their daily business processes, but the Accounts Payable process can be especially cumbersome for your team to execute manually. From consolidating invoices of various formats and from various mediums, to categorizing each vendor invoice, to invoice matching and performing a series of approvals, it can be a very tiring, manual process.

With our solution, utilizing Opentext ApplicationXtender and Captiva Intelligent Capture, your current invoice approval process will be nearly synonymous to your current process, but your team will enjoy greatly reduced processing times and improved overall accuracy due to the automation of many steps in their current process. Your vendor will submit an invoice and the automation will take flight.

Your invoice will automatically be captured and metadata will be extracted and indexed for future use. It will then be routed to the various individuals who need to verify the invoice throughout its series of approvals. From exception handling, authorizations, and validity and accuracy checks, your invoices no longer have to float from desk to desk, which leads to extreme process bottlenecks.

Invoice matching will also become a breeze with all your necessary documents including purchase orders, receiving reports and other supporting documents being stored in one secure location and indexed according to your specifications. So, when it comes time for invoice matching, the solution will intelligently verify GL code, line item information, amounts, terms, etc. based on pre-defined rules and validate them. If they do not meet the criteria for validation, they will be sent to a user for further review.

Another benefit your team will relish in is having complete 24/7 transparency in regard to payment status and approvals. Any representative, with the necessary permission levels, who needs to be aware of an invoice’s status will be able to do so with a stroke of a key.

Imagine a dream world with faster processing times, automated routing and validation, and increased transparency… Let’s make it a reality.