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We have experience working with various government entities, and we fully understand the sensitivity of your government documents and importance of strict and compliant security during the conversion and implementation process. Whether you need to store official public records, probate records, criminal records, marriage licenses, or more, our government document storage and content management solutions embody security from the beginning to the end. Our goal is to create an efficient environment for your institution, and we do that by organizing your government documents in one repository and making them easily accessible for all internal and external users.


Is your financial institution a document-intensive business with vast amounts of reports, statements, policies, and claims associated with your day-to-day business? With an industry so reliant on financial documents, we know the importance of having quick and reliable access to your content. Our content management solutions can help manage your content, which ensure your business runs smoothly. Our technology solutions span banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies, including headquarters, branch locations, and the front and back offices. We provide scanning, business process management and workflow for loans, trusts, checks, board minutes, and more. Our financial document storage solutions fully integrate with all banking software, making it easy to implement at any location.


With student record files, transcripts, board and meeting minutes, Alumni donor files, general business management records and more, we know that educational institutions rely on a multitude of paperwork to function. By eliminating paper and implementing a content management solution, you can have instant and secure access to your education documents at the click of a button. We offer a variety of education document solutions to meet your institution’s needs. Our solutions are HIPPA compliant and secure, so you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your education documents. Our goal is to make your institution efficient and secure so you’re able to better serve your staff, students and community.


With the amount of paperwork that goes into medical and patient records, we know that medical document storage accumulates over time – none of which can be permanently destroyed for legal reasons. Our healthcare document storage solutions focus on helping you scan and manage patient information to comply with the industry-wide implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other regulatory compliances. Our medical document storage solutions are available to hospitals, clinics, research facilities, nursing homes and other care facilities. They fully integrate with all core applications you may be using, such as Cerner and Epic. Our goal is to keep your medical records secure and easily accessible to create the optimal experience for both healthcare professionals and patients.


In a corporate setting, paper-based processes can complicate workflow, cut into profits and compromise efficiency. When paper is eliminated from an organization’s business processes, not only does your company’s internal efficiency improve, but so do customer service and vendor relationships. By implementing a corporate document management solution, you can speed up the retrieval rate of business-critical documents and reduce operating costs significantly. Let us help you create an efficient environment and improve your business’s workflow with our corporate document storage solutions.


We know that the legal industry is a document-intensive industry with vast amounts of legal files, cases, and more. With an industry so reliant on its files, we know the importance of having quick and reliable access to legal documents. In order to create an optimal experience for your clients and to comply with legal regulations, our legal document management solutions will ensure the security and accessibility of your content. With a variety of document storage options available, we’ll make sure your firm is more efficient than ever before.


In order to run at peak efficiency, we know that the manufacturing industry relies on productivity in their operations – which makes a content management system essential. We’ve worked with countless manufacturers, and we understand the costs related to lost productivity and downtime when paper and disconnected processes slow down departments across your enterprise. We provide manufacturing document imaging, management and workflow solutions to help streamline your day-to-day logistics and operations. We can deliver our solutions on site, in the cloud, or on mobile devices so you can have real-time access to your manufacturing documents from anywhere, and any time.


The energy industry is growing quickly, meaning an organization needs to run at its peak efficiency in order to sustain and grow. By implementing an electronic energy document management system, you’ll improve your organization’s efficiency, collaboration, communication, and services. We understand that managing land-lease agreements, invoices, contracts, field tickets, maintenance records, well logs, and HR files in paper form can be cumbersome, costly and inefficient. With our content management software solutions, we help you capture paper and electronic documents at their point of entry and store them securely in a single repository, making your content easy to access and implement.

Our goal is to create a hyper-efficient environment for your company. Contact us to learn more about how companies around the country are leveraging our content management solutions.