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Team Member Spotlight: Derek Dahlsad

Join us in celebrating Derek Dahlsad’s anniversary at Information Systems Corporation. Derek is our Director of Support and Development and has been a team member for thirteen years as of April sixth. He also technically worked part-time for six months prior, so he has been part of the ISC family for nearly fourteen years! We are so lucky to consistently be celebrating such big milestones with our team.

Derek leads ISC’s support department, which is an indispensable business unit here at ISC as they work hard to ensure our client’s solutions are up and running at peak efficiency 24/7. Derek also leads our development team and even takes on many projects himself. Our development team has become such an integral part of project discovery and implementation since most solutions we implement involve some level of custom development work. Derek works diligently to ensure that all projects remain on target and that all team member’s questions and concerns are addressed. Derek is a calming presence and leads the team with organization, impartiality and expertise.

One fun fact about Derek is that he just adopted a new dog! Her name is Maggie and she is an Anatolian Shepherd. She was born and lived most of her life in Texas, and while she was a bit shy at first, she is adapting to her new life extremely well. Derek, ISC is so fortunate to have your expertise and leadership. Thank you for your dedication and hard work over these past thirteen (almost fourteen) years. Happy Anniversary!!!